A Specialist in Various Biogas Wastewater Systems

HBEE is the only technical partner with MPOB in biogas engineering

HBEE is the only technical partner that signed the technical cooperation contract with MPOB in biogas engineering. The technical test of MPOB proved that the USR fermentation process adopted by HBEE is the most suitable and the most efficient technology for palm oil wastewater. 

  • Higher COD loading factor:6-8kg/m3.day, its loading factor is higher than other system which is only 3~5 kg/m3.day. 
  • COD and BOD removal rate >90% consistently.
  • In the Digester, no stirring component installed-lower energy consumption & cleaner water overflow.
  • Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) < Solid Retention Time (SRT) & Micro-organism Retention Time (MRT).Thus, inevitably reduce the volume of the Digester tank and the investment.
  • The methane gas volume is higher, ant content ratio of methane produced by our USR  system is generally higher than other systems.

BEE adopts PLC control system

  • Able to customize modules, realize fully automated management, save labor and reduce operating costs;  
  • Unique auto timing feeding method, unique biogas export system, no manual management required;  
  • Automatic overflow of effluent, automatic discharge of sludge without using pump, reduces operating costs and management workload 

The best quality material is used as the acidizing tank and fermentation tank

  • Enamel material is acid and alkali resistant (PH: 3 ~ 11). 
  • High aesthetic appeal: Pleasant to look at, beautiful and modern. 
  • Anti-corrosion / corrosion resistant: Reducing operating costs as there is no need for periodic rust removal (as found in other systems). 

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