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Double Membrane Gas Holder

Double Membrane Gas Holder

Hextar Biogas BEE meticulously designed and manufactured the double membrane gas holder based on our extensive expertise in biogas project construction in Malaysia and Indonesia spanning several decades. The product is exclusively registered under our Hextar Biogas BEE trademark. Drawing upon our vast experience, we have carefully selected premium-grade membrane materials to ensure optimum performance and longevity. Each membrane is thoughtfully engineered with design tailored specifically for biogas storage to guarantee exceptional efficiency and reliability.

The membrane is crafted from high-quality materials that are composed of PVC coated Polyester Fabric with a corrosion resistant, aging resistant, and UV protection coating, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Our double-membrane gas holder provides protection against the effects of the weather with enhanced safety features such as automated pressure control system. The Double Membrane Gas Holder consist of an inner and outer membrane, comes with air blower to provide air to the space between the inner and outer membranes to regulate the variation in gas volume during filling and consumption, thus keeping the gas pressure inside the tank at a constant level and maintaining the gas holder structure at all times. With a long lifespan, our gas holder is a reliable and cost-effective solution for your biogas storage needs.

Our double membrane gas holder is not utilized exclusively on our own biogas systems but is also made available for purchase by customers operating their own biogas systems across different industries. Therefore, our high-quality membrane gas holder is accessible to all, empowering other biogas projects to benefit from its superior performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Available in various sizes to suit any digester tank diameter and storage capacity.

Trademark Double Membrane Gas Holder Installation and Replacement

Our key features :

  • High Biogas Storage Capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • Auto-adjustment on biogas outlet pressure, normally at 3,000 Pa
  • Safety mechanism in place with pressure control and relief devices
  • Provides Installation Services for Gas Membrane Replacement

Composition of Double-Membrane Gas Holder

  • Hemispherical-shaped gas holder
  • Made out of high tensile polyester fibre membrane fabric
  • 2 layers of membrane:
    – Outer layer acts as a protection layer from weather conditions and maintain spherical shape of the gas holder
    – Inner layer acts as a gas carrier

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