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Biogas Upgrading Project

Bio-CNG Plant

Process Flow for Biogas Upgrading Technologies

In a world striving to transition towards renewable energy sources, biogas has emerged as a promising contender. Derived from organic waste materials through anaerobic digestion, biogas represents a valuable renewable resource that can be utilized for energy production. To unlock its full potential as a clean and versatile energy carrier, biogas can undergo an upgrading process to produce Biomethane, Bio-CNG or hydrogen.

Biogas upgrading involves the removal of impurities from the raw biogas to increase the methane concentration and improve its energy content. biogas upgrading facilitates the production of biomethane, which can serve as a renewable replacement for fossil fuel-derived natural gas. The potential of biogas upgrading extends beyond biomethane, as it also presents an opportunity to generate hydrogen, a clean and versatile energy carrier. Hydrogen has gained considerable attention as a potential solution for decarbonizing various sectors, including transportation, industry, and power generation.

Hextar Biogas BEE provides services on the consultation, feasibility study, engineering design and construction of various Biogas Upgrading Plant that can maximise the potential of your biogas project investment.

What is Bio-CNG?

Bio CNG (Bio-Compressed Natural Gas) is a renewable fuel derived from the purification of biogas that can be used to power vehicles and generate electricity. It has similar composition as Natural Gas that can perform direct injection to gas grid.

Difference with Biogas

Biomethane & Bio-CNG is a purified form of Biogas with a much higher methane content.

The transformation of Biogas to Bio-CNG is through a series of purification & compression process.

Benefit of Bio-CNG

  • Higher commercial value than biogas
  • Higher Methane Content, less impurities
  • Natural Gas Pipeline Quality Fuel
  • High Calorific Value
  • Easier for storage & transportation
  • Cleaner Fuel
  • Higher Efficiency

Our System Specialty

  • Proven & Reliable Technology
  • Fully automated system with remote monitoring features
  • High Performance Adsorbent to effectively separate mixed gases and achieve the qualified CNG index
  • High Purity Bio-CNG Production with adjustable composition
  • Simple & Effective Operation