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Biogas Project

Biogas Project

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HBEE is the official partner of MPOB in biogas technology research & development. MPOB’s technical reports has confirmed that HBEE’s Biogas System is highly efficient and suitable technology for palm oil wastewater processing.

Our USR technology is specially designed to treat large quantity of organic wastewater in the most efficient and economical method. With our biological expertise and unique feed distribution system design, USR can ensure an efficient mixing of organic compounds with anaerobic micro-organism in the digesters without any mechanical agitating equipment, creating a highly efficient biogas plant with minimal energy consumption.

In addition to this, HBEE incorporates programmable logic controller (PLC) and SCADA system that enables clients to customize modules and create a highly automated management system. This feature helps to ease general operations and reduce operational costs.

Choose HBEE for a reliable, efficient, and fully automated biogas engineering solution.

Key features of our biogas plants include :
  • High COD and BOD removal rate of > 90 %
  • Higher COD loading factor than other biogas systems
  • Shorter Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) than other biogas system, smaller project footprint with minimal build-up area
  • Good biogas yield with high methane content
  • Incorporate high automation level with PLC and SCADA System to facilitate daily operation management
  • Low energy consumption and operation cost
  • Selection of best quality tank material (Enamel Steel) with good corrosion resistant