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Biogas Specialist

Who We Are

Hextar Biogas BEE (HBEE) was established in 2004, previously known as Biogas Engineering Sdn Bhd (BEE). It was acquired by Hextar Global Berhad in August 2020 and subsequently rebranded to its current name.

The core business of our company focuses on the technical research, design, construction, installation, and commissioning of anaerobic digestion systems to process various types of organic wastewater, particularly Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME). HBEE uses anaerobic digestion technology to treat organic wastewater into a cleaner discharge while producing biogas, which is a renewable fuel that can be used to generate heat & electricity.

Since our first project in 2007, HBEE has completed the construction and commissioning of multiple Biogas Projects in Malaysia and Indonesia with highly positive feedbacks.

HBEE is the technical partner of Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) in biogas system technology since the year 2011. MPOB evaluates HBEE Biogas System as a highly efficient system to treat POME, with the system achieving Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) & Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) removal rate of more than 90%.

Our Vision

To become the leading biogas technology provider, treating environmental pollution problems for various industries by applying the most advanced anaerobic digestion technology to create a cleaner living environment for mankind while providing green energy with outmost quality.

Our Mission


The beginning of Biogas Engineering Sdn Bhd
Installation of our first biogas project in Malaysia
Newspaper feature

Top China News feature in Sina Finance, Xinhuanet, China Net, and International Energy Network of HBEE’s capabilities using wastewater from palm oil mills for power generation in Malaysia.

MPOB Evaluation

MPOB signed a long-term technical cooperation agreement after evaluating BEE biogas system as a highly efficient system.

GenPower Carbon Solutions

Signed a collaboration agreement with GenPower Carbon Solutions, a US CDM investment company, to construct all of their biogas CDM projects in Malaysian and Indonesia.

MPOB Partnership

MPOB signed an agreement to promote our technology and jointly conduct further R & D on the biogas system development and other downstream technologies.


Granted Pioneer Status by MIDA as a new innovative technology base on treatment of POME


Featured in an interview by RTM2, Malaysia’s national TV station, for a documentary about the green energy industry.

Hextar Global Berhad

Hextar Global Berhad, a leading agrochemical company, acquires a majority stake in BEE Group.

Biogas Upgrading Technology

Expanded our field of services to include biogas upgrading to Biomethane, Bio-CNG, Hydrogen & etc.

Launched Trademark Biogas Accessories

Developed our own distinctive Double Membrane Gas Holder under our signature brand.