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Hextar Biogas BEE Sdn. Bhd. (HBEE)

Hextar Biogas BEE Sdn. Bhd. (HBEE)

HBEE is a professional company which focuses on the research, design, construction, installation and commissioning of various anaerobic digestion systems for industrial wastewater. Since 2004, HBEE has been engaged in the constructing and commissioning of biogas project for palm oil wastewater treatment. HBEE had successfully installed and commissioned multiple biogas projects both in Malaysia and Indonesia and all these projects are well regarded and earned the trust amongst palm oil mill owners. 

  • Diligent
  • Dedication
  • Practical
  • Mainly Service for Palm Oil Owner
  • Spirit of Self-Discipline
  • Committed to Environmental Protection

Our Vision

With our strong technology capabilities and uncompromising hard-working hands, we are moving towards being the leading biogas project provider, treating wastewater and various environmental pollution problems for palm oil plants and various industries and creating a cleaner living environment for mankind. 

Our Mission

We strive to use the most advanced technology and the most accurate design to provide customers with complete and more efficient biogas plant, in turn reducing the carbon footprint saving our mother earth. We make every effort to save project investment for customers and create more benefits. We achieve this by: 

  • Tailor-made for each customer, design the most economical and applicable biogas project plan to enable customers to adopt the best cost-to-benefit ratio investment decisions. 
  • Using superior value-add engineering through our Proprietary technology, Up-flow Solid Reactor (USR), as it has higher efficiency and smaller investment as compared to other technology that is used for treatment of POME.
  • Providing options for customers to produce CNG or hydrogen business using our service portfolio to gain higher income. 
  • Offering customers to work together with HBEE to produce new kind of High-Yield Downstream products.  

Quality Policy

HBEE aims to achieve the highest standard of quality in the entire supply chain in our biogas projects from the selection of materials and equipment, installation and debugging, anaerobic fermentation to civil engineering construction.  

HBEE's objective is to continuously improve our project's performance, while offering our customers a reliable, easy to manage biogas project, cost effective and professional sales and services.  

We will:

  • Fulfil or exceed customers’ needs  
  • Respond to feedback or request for tactical support in the shortest possible time. 
  • Interact constantly with our vendors, business partners and research organisations to review and adopt the best practices and set quality parameters to keep pace with the evolving technology. 

Constant interaction with our vendors, business partners and research organisations to review and adopt the best practices and set quality parameters due to evolving technology. 

In 2007, HBEE signed a technical cooperation contract with the palm oil authority of Malaysia (MPOB) and became a technical partner where MPOB carried out more than one year of testing in "Tee Teh Palm Oil Mill", a biogas plant constructed by HBEE. The 42 sets of sample test data collected showed very encouraging results for HBEE system. MPOB quoted "This is an efficient methane engineering system,". This then led to a formal technical agreement between MPOB and HBEE in 2011.  

HBEE uses the most suitable fermentation process for palm oil wastewater that is, Upflow Solid Reactor, a proprietary technology which has the removal rate of COD and BOD is over 90%. HBEE strives to provide customers with the most comprehensive and efficient biogas engineering proposal. 

HBEE has a strong technical research and development team who consciously pursuing in research, and continuous improvement as well as constantly engaging in cooperation with global wastewater treatment experts.  

We also strive to create new economic value for palm oil mill owners; such as offering biogas power generation and bio-gas fired boilers which have the potential of a good income avenue from POME treatment. New biotechnologies such as Compressed Biogas (CNG), and biogas to hydrogen are being studied and researched. These new by-products are value-added to the palm oil plant owners as these have higher economic value which in turn brings higher incremental income to our customers. 

Our Biogas Ecosystem Features

  • The fermentation process adopted by HBEE is the most suitable for the fermentation process of palm oil wastewater, and has the characteristics of high efficiency, stable fermentation cycle and stability of the fermentation process. 
  • HBEE adopts the best materials (Enamel Coated Steel Plates), which resulted in our projects being modern and beautiful. Most importantly, it has a life span of more than 30 years, thus, reducing the operations’ cost.   
  • There is a high volume load factor in fermentation process adopted by HBEE. Therefore, compared with other systems, HBEE's system has the characteristics of short HRT, small construction footprint, low investment in biogas engineering, and highly competitive price.

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